Was in search of dog training in Bradenton. We found Mike Harvey of K9 Coach is great! I have (had) a very nervous dog. She was afraid of people, animals, sounds, everything! But not Mike! His approach with her was fantastic and she wasn’t skeptical of him for long. Since working with him, she responds SO much better to commands and even learned some valuable new ones. ‘Heel’ has changed our night time walks forever! She wags her tail every time she sees Mike and has even warmed up to everyone in class! My husband and I just adopted a new puppy and we’ll also be enrolling him in training with K9 Coach.

Jillian Kolesa

I was looking for a Dog Trainer in Bradenton and Found The K9 Coach. Mike has done an awesome job with our dog Cooper. Cooper was a completely different dog after just a couple weeks and is very slowly losing his dog aggression issues after about a month of training. This is a slow process and Mike has shown to be fully committed to helping Cooper. I would also like to mention that Mike doesn’t just train dogs, he trains the owners. We had an electronic collar long before we met Mike and were doing a couple things wrong. Cooper’s training would not be successful if Mike had not also worked with us. The programs at K9 Coach are not your 20 minute programs at the big name pet food store. These are in depth and well worth the investment in your dog and also yourself. 

Sam Armour

I honestly don’t know where my dog would be if it wasn’t for Mike and integrating his techniques into our (my dog and I) daily lives. I have never met another dog that was so fearful and aggressive. It was to the point that I stopped taking her anywhere for fear of what may happen, when she used to love being around other people and animals. I don’t know where we went wrong, I just know that she became fearful of everything. When it came to the flight, fight, or freeze my dog was pure fight. We were rejected by another trainer who didn’t think they could handle my dog and were becoming despondent at the notion that there may not be a trainer who could possibly train my dog in the way she so desperately needed training. It was to the point that my vet was urging me to put my dog on medication to reduce her fearfulness/anxiety when outside of her “safety zones.”

However, I happen to find dog training near me. When I met Mike and he came to our home for the private lesson he was able to interact with my dog in a way that I hadn’t seen anyone other than myself be able to do in just under 10 minutes. Since then, and continually going to training, I have seen huge differences in my dog.I am no longer fearful of taking her into public. I am not sure she will ever like other people/dogs but she is at least able to handle the situations we put her into without becoming a hot mess and my heart going into my throat at every car, dog, person, or motorcycle going by. She has always been extremely smart and able to pickup on commands, but she was absolutely unable to listen to us and would go berserk outside of the safety of our home and I simply couldn’t let her be a risk to others (she’s 80 lbs of pure muscle and stubbornness). My dog’s behaviors and anxiety at the beginning of the training and where she is now is so vastly different that it’s almost a miracle. She listens to me, she is more trusting of her environment, and she doesn’t seem as fearful of everything. She is always going to be a lot of work and constantly reinforcing what has already been learned. But honestly, that is small potatoes compared to what we were dealing with at the onset of training. Thanks to Mike, my girl is able to have a beautiful quality of life with less anxiety for her (and let’s be honest, myself). I really do not know where we would be without him. He is simply the best and I would never take any possible future dogs anywhere else moving forward.

Leah Abramoff

Mike Harvey is an amazing dog trainer and I highly recommend him. I immediately started training Matilda, my Blue Heeler puppy, after bringing her home. I first went to a national chain and even after attending all three classes at 6 weeks each, my dog was still unpredictable. I was looking for a dog trainer near me. I found Mike and after just two sessions with him, I saw major progress in Tilly’s behavior. As we continue training in the group lessons, the improvements keep coming and my bond with her grows stronger. Training is as much about the owner as it is about the dog and I am so pleased with the changes in both of us.

Arline Bermer

I am so grateful to have the pleasure and experience to know Mike Harvey and his excellent K9 Coach classes. I have learned so much about dogs in general and the training has been exceptional for me and my German Shepherd.If you are in the Sarasota or Bradenton are and are looking for a Dog Trainer I highly recommend Mike and his services to any one with a dog, whether you have obedience issues, aggression issues or just want your dog respond to your commands. You will be amazed how your life can improve just through proper training and the relationship with your K9 friend will bond immensely.

Scott Curts
Mike is the best dog trainer that I have seen in years. I was looking for a Board and Train in Sarasota Florida. He obviously does his training out of love and respect for the dog. He trained my Rottweiler so well that my dog was helping me learn. Highly recommend Mike Harvey to train your dog.
Cindy Simon

Just when you thought your puppy had no chance of being a Good Boy….along comes Mike to the rescue! We were looking for dog training in Bradenton Florida and found Mike.
He has not only trained our German Sheppard but has successfully trained we the owners as better parents. Our handsome, loving and gentle young man is now two years old and has successfully
graduated from this most prominent Sarasota K-9 Ivy League finishing school as an obedient loving and social butterfly. Thank you Coach Mike. We are so greatful.

Jean Meyer

I was looking for a dog trainer in Sarasota Florida, I found Mike Harvey kK9 Coach. Mike has a very successful aproach to dog training. I am very pleases with results, I could never imagine that my German Shepherd could be trained to have such a great discipline and control while service people in out home. Simply amazing!

Thanks Mike

Paul Tomass

Mike Harvey is truly an amazing trainer! I sought out training (help) in Bradenton Florida, when my dogs were in a brutal dog fight (WITH EACH OTHER!) Not only has he done wonders for my girls but I’ve seen very aggressive and antisocial dogs completely change! One month they are foaming at the mouth to attack and the next month they are actively participating in group events with other pups!!!! He is the real dog whisperer!!!! 

Bobbi Smalley

Background info about my dog. He is 3 years old and developed very aggressive tendencies which caused me to have to isolate him when people came over or around other dogs. Would not listen to commands when distracted and any little noise would fire him up and cause anxiety. read more

Omar Morell

Our Golden Retriever puppy was 9 months when we started training classes with Mike Harvey and the K9 Coach program. While she didn’t have any aggression or serious issues, she pulled constantly on leash, wouldn’t come when called and often jumped on people. read more

Cate Douglas

Working with Mike Harvey these last few weeks has been just what we were looking for for our small (but mighty) rescued Terrier mix Goose. We found Goose after he had been dumped on the beach in the Caribbean; after several weeks fending for himself, he was uncertain, anxious and, at times, aggressive. While several months of living in our home calmed many of these issues, he still was dog-aggressive and suffered from separation anxiety. read more

Emily Gershen

We have a Pit Bull-boxer mix 4 years old who has dog or animal aggression problems, that we could not seem to control no matter what we did, we tried to protect our dog by trying to isolate him from situations of meeting other dogs or animals, cats, squirrels etc. read more

Rich & Ollie

Our dog Lucy had numerous behavioral problems before we met Mike Harvey. Lucy has a great demeanor, and is very friendly but at the same time, she was out of control. She did not listen to any commands, jumped on people all the time, took us for “walks” read more

Stefan & Abby Ciosici

I have a 3 year old, male, lab mix, who is very friendly dog but who was impossible to train. He refused to listen to my wife and he would barely listen to me! Luckily for us and him, we met Mike Harvey “The Canine Coach”. read more

Dr. James Spiezio & Shaggy

My husband and I decided we would adopt our first rescue dog and we are so glad we did!  His name is Bailey adopted through Underdog Rescue.Bailey loved dogs, but not all people. Julia, a co-founder of Underdog Rescue, recommended The Canine Coach. read more

Donna & Earle Timmins

This is an awesome training method, and Mike is an excellent trainer! He does what none of us can do on our own…He holds US accountable for our dog’s behavior. I have an 85lb 1 year old Golden Retriever read more

Rick Mottern

When we signed up with the Canine Coach of Southwest Florida, we got way more than we bargained. Daisy, our newly adopted 8 month old Boxer was extremely hyper and used to running with a large pack.After a couple of months of basic training through a pet shop, we thought it was a lost cause to tame her. read more

The Wetterling Clan & Daisy